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Racing Glove Style

Racing Glove Style


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These 3D printed wheelchair racing gloves are bespoke made for anyone wanting to get the perfect pushing technique and trim some time off their race times. We have developed these gloves over a long period using many prototypes and numerous testers to get the internal structure and pushing surface just right for the perfect fit, feel and connection with the push rims. They are contoured to feel great in the hands and also to get the correct position on the push rims during the contact, drive and release phases of each push.

We 3D print your gloves to order using a nylon material that is embedded with carbon fibres. This gives a much better surface finish and a lighter glove than other 3D printed racing gloves while maintaining strength. They come covered in our custom racing glove rubber – the best glove rubber available on the market. Each pair comes with a set of silk glove liners and self-adhesive foam to give the best possible fit.

Which Version of Wheelchair Racing Gloves will Work for Me?

There are two versions of the wheelchair racing gloves. The standard racing glove is for those with the ability to wrap their fingers around the glove without assistance.

The second is a quad version for those with reduced hand function. If you struggle to hold onto hard gloves due to reduced hand function, our quad gloves include finger straps to allow fingers to “grip” the gloves, even if your fingers don’t stay in position, and a wrist strap to help secure them to your hand and position the gloves for the best push possible.

Which Rubber Option should I choose?

Type 1 Racing Glove Rubber: this variant has been designed for the highest grip. It has the following properties

  • Highest grip yet still with good wear resistance properties
  • Maintains grip even in lower temperatures
  • Great for starts and shorter distance racers
  • Wears-in more quickly than type 2

Type 2 Racing Glove Rubber: this variant has been design for the highest durability.

  • Highest wear resistance yet still with good grip
  • Improved grip as temperatures warm
  • Great for those racers putting in high mileage and training and racing over longer distances
  • Takes slightly longer to wear-in than Type 1

Found out more about the racing glove rubber.

Designed to Your Hand Size

Each wheelchair racers hands are unique. We require measurements and photos of each hand to be submitted with your order. Please download and fill in this form and email it (with your hand photos) to when you place your order.

We make your racing gloves to order and therefore they will take some time to make. We need to analyse the hand size data, print the gloves (each glove takes approx. 24 hours to print) and add the specialist racing rubber. Please be aware that the lead time for the gloves is 3 weeks.