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Finger Exercisers

Finger Exercisers

From: $3.95

Finger Exerciser Light (green)

Finger Exerciser Medium (blue)

Finger Exerciser Hard (orange)

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These finger exercisers help you to develop finger strength. They are easy to use – just slide your fingers and thumb into the holes and stretch. You can use them to train specific fingers too.

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They come in three colours and each colour is a different strength:

Green is the easiest to use and provides approximately 6.6lbs/3kg of resistive force.

Blue provides approximately 8.8lbs/4kg of resistive force.

Orange provides approximately 11lbs/5kg of resistive force.


The finger exercisers are small. You can pop one in a handbag or on a coffee table and use whenever you have a few minutes.

They are made of silicone rubber and are approximately 7.5cm x 4cm x 2cm.

Why not get the set of three and work your way up from the easiest to the hardest?

Another option for working on your hand strength is are eggerciser.


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