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Fidlock Flat Snap Buckle

Fidlock Flat Snap Buckle


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The Fidlock Flat Snap Buckle connects magnetically when you place the two sides together. You can open the buckle by sliding the top part over the bottom part.

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Magnets help the buckle to close, but a physical connection is also made. The buckle has a load capacity of 40kg. Metal parts close around a plastic ‘button’ to hold the buckle together.

It can be opened by sliding – this slides the ‘button’ out of the metal housing.

You can use the buckle on belts, straps, bags and clothes.

One end of this belt will need to sewn or held in some other way (for example a ladder lock). The other end has two slots and the strap can be fed back through this side. This side is then adjustable.

The buckle works for a strap width of 25 mm / 1”.

The dimensions of the buckle are 36mm x 56mm x 10 mm.

We use this buckle on our easy-clip apron.

We also offer a Fidlock Snap Buckle for smaller 15mm straps, such as those found on bicycle helmets.

Do not use this buckle for safety belts or restraints.

The Fidlock Flat Snap Buckle does not require accurate positioning to close – place it near to the base and it pulls closed. It closes with a reassuring snap!


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