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Cap Cracker for Opening Safety Lids

Cap Cracker for Opening Safety Lids


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The Cap Cracker squeezes child-proof bottle tops for you and helps you to turn them. Bottles with lids that you have to squeeze and turn at the same time are almost impossible to open if you have hand weakness.

Use the Cap Cracker to open the child-proof lids on cleaning products, medicine and vitamin bottles.

Key Features

  • T-bar makes tightening easy
  • Turning the bar squeezes the sides of the lid
  • Long handle allows for easy rotation to undo lid

Use with a non-slip coaster if both hands are affected

How to use the Cap Cracker

  1. Put device on top of bottle, allowing taller lids to go through the hole
  2. Position so that the adjustable sides of the cracker sit over the squeezable part of the lid
  3. Turn the T-bar to tighten the device and squeeze the cap
  4. Put the cap cracker on an anti-slip coaster or hold with your other hand
  5. Push against the bar to rotate the device and the cap
  6. Unscrew to release the lid or use the cracker to pop the lid back on

If the lid you want to open doesn’t have a child-proof or safety lid then why not try our silicon bottle opener? Or, for crown caps, we have an automatic bottle opener.