Active Hands Gym Workout Video


As a competitive wheelchair racer Rob spends a lot of time training in the gym. Without his gym workouts he would not be able to…

Irene Cruises into the Gym

38Irene pink aid

Irene Bradbrook has always been an active person; dashing about, being busy. She had spent three and a half years looking after her husband, who…

Sad News about Huw Thomas


Active Hands were deeply saddened to hear that Huw Thomas from ProMove passed away last Tuesday evening, 23rd September 2014. Huw had Muscular Dystrophy and…

Frustrated by the limitations caused by weak grip or poor hand function?

Active Hands make gripping aids that gently, yet firmly hold your hand into a gripping shape enabling you to hold tightly onto objects from hammers to garden tools; gym equipment to wii controllers; ski-outriggers to boat tillers; adaptive bike handles to musical instruments; and many more. Our gripping aids are designed so that the user can put them on independently.

Our gripping aids are ideal for tetraplegic/quadriplegics, those with Cerebral Palsy, stroke recovery or any disability that affects hand function. Some of our products are also suitable for those with limb difference. Take a look at our product section for more information.

Available in a range of sizes, our aids suit from small children to large handed adults!

Active Hands can give you more freedom – take a look at our products section to give you more ideas on how you can increase your independence using our gripping products.


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