At Home

The General Purpose, Limb Difference and Small Item gripping aids are great for use around the home. They can be used for a variety of applications from using tools to holding drinks; from applying make-up to kitchen use.

There are always DIY jobs that need doing around our homes or projects you are part way though! The General Purpose gripping aid enables you to hold tools firmly in your hand allowing you to safely use item such as hammers, saws, files and screwdrivers. No excuses not to hang that picture or finish making that bird box now!

Our gripping aids can be useful around the kitchen too: many of the kitchen items in our shop can be used with our General Purpose gripping aids. We also offer a kitchen pack containing all the items you need for easy access in the kitchen while making great savings.

As well as for training and competing Josie Pearson, Paralymipic Athlete uses her General Purpose gripping aids for housework. She uses them for tasks such as vacuuming or using a long handled duster. She’s even used them during decorating to hold the paintbrush!

The General Purpose gripping aid is not just useful for doing tasks around the home it is also great for relaxation. Why not use it to hold a glass or a bottle of beer?


Our Small Item gripping aid is a must around the home. It can be used for holding small items like make-up brushes, pens and pencils, toothbrush, hairbrush, razor or drumsticks! Separate palm pads can be bought allowing you to pre-load items and change them quickly and easily.

Make-up is such a personal thing and no-one else can quite do it like you would. Our customers asked us for a way to hold make-up brushes and this gripping aid was created in response to that. In the video opposite Brenda shows us how she uses it to apply her own make-up.

Why not have a set in the bathroom ready for your morning routine? You could set up 3 palm pads with a toothbrush, hairbrush and razor. Then, in the morning, you can pop the glove on and swap the palm pads over easily, allowing you to be more independent.

“I just ordered a new gripping aid after a number of years with the first. It still works great and has allowed me to do a number of things I was in the process of giving up on (tennis, shovelling, cutting with a knife, etc.). I ordered a second right hand one because I travel with it sometimes and the thought of leaving it somewhere and having to do without it for a period of time is not a pleasant one. Thanks again for coming up with an invention that truly makes a big difference in my life.”

Bob Goodkind