For those of you who visit our website often, we thought it might be easier to have a section that contains our newest products. These products can all be found in the other sections too.

Anti-Slip Strips

Sometimes we want a bit of extra grip around items, or maybe a bit of extra padding. This strip of silicon is anti-slip giving you a better grip on any item that you wrap it round. Unlike tape, it doesn’t leave a sticky residue and it can be unwrapped and re-wrapped as required. The tape sticks to itself. Great for disability life-hacks: why not add grip to your crutches, handles, pens, cutlery etc.

Price: £3.95/ €4.95/ $5.95

Children’s Cutlery Grips

We have been selling the adult version of these cutlery grips for a while and they have been popular with our customers as they allow you to use your own cutlery, feel comfortable and are dishwasher safe. They are, however, a bit chunky for children so we now have in stock these smaller cutlery grips for smaller hands. They can also be used with our mini size gripping aids.

Price: £14.95/ €20.95/ $24.95


If your hands are not strong enough to grip items that you use regularly the receive-all could help you. It is a device that attaches easily to your wrist and hand that has an adapter that slots into it. The item you wish to hold is attached to the adapted using some cable ties (included in the set). The receive-all is great for a wide variety of items such as knives, garden tools, fishing rod, paintbrush, a ratcheting screwdriver or other tools, hairbrush or sports equipment.

The receive-all set comes with two adapters and cable ties. A set of spare adapters, containing two more adapters, is also available .

Price: £59.95/ €79.95/ $84.95


Much as we all like to avoid the dreaded washing-up sometimes we have no choice! These washing up scourers are non-scratchy rings that fit around your hand meaning there is no need to have a firm grip to wash up. These are great for getting into muffin/cupcake trays as well as washing dishes. The ScrubRite rings come in two varieties, regular and heavy duty, and you get 8 in a pack.

Price: £14.95/ €20.95/ $24.95

5-in-1 Opener

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Price: £9.95/ €10.95/ $12.95


Reacher/ Grabber

If dropping a paperclip turns into a 10-minute pick-up task, this is the thing for you.  Simply flex your wrist to operate the grabber, so no need for finger function or an ability to give a firm squeeze.  And no  “one-size fits no-one” – this reacher is fully adjustable and is available in left or right hand variations. Use it for anything from picking things up, to drawing curtains, to making the bed, to stealing your mate’s hat.

Price: £219.95/ €249.95/ $299.95


Socks with Loops

Putting socks on when you have reduced finger function can be a tricky business. These socks make putting on socks what you want it  to be: a simple daily activity. Simply slide a finger through each loop and pull your socks on with no fuss.

The standard thin cotton socks are perfect for day-to-day use and the thick winter socks, with a tog rating of 2.45, are fluffy and soft on the inside and perfect for keeping your toes warm when it’s too cold outside!

Price£7.95 – 39.95/ €9.95 – €54.95/ $11.95 – $69.95


Strong Arm fishing aid

If you have poor hand function, fishing might be a hobby you’ve struggled with. The Strong-Arm is a hands-free fishing rod holder that gives you total control, without the need for grip.  The cuff fits securely around your arm and wrist, providing support and eliminating wrist fatigue. Simply attach the Strong-Arm to your wrist, slide the fishing rod into the holder – and get to work on catching your dinner!

Designed primarily as a fishing aid, it can also be used to hold and use golf clubs for extra Sunday-afternoon entertainment!

Price: £24.95/ €27.95/ $32.95



The Muggi, like the SpillNot is a drinks carrier. It may not have the same cool use of physics, but it does allow you to carry up to four drinks – or fewer drinks and some biscuits – from the kitchen to the sofa or your desk. Now there’s no excuse not to make your ‘other half’ a cuppa (and it might help distract them if you just ate the last slice of cake…).

Price: £14.95/ €19.95/ $24.95




Carrying drinks, particularly hot ones, from room to room can be really difficult if you struggle with mobility or grip.  The SpillNot, however, makes this far easier!  Having placed your mug, cup or small bowl on to its non-slip base, simply slide your hand through the fabric loop at the top.  You can then swing your SpillNot around as much as you like and thanks to the laws of physics, your drink will never spill.  So now you can carry your coffee from the kitchen to the sofa or back to your desk with no problems, or even deliver a cuppa to your ‘other half’ in the mornings and earn yourself extra brownie points!  The SpillNot also includes a non-slip coaster which can be removed and used to protect your table-tops (it also makes a handy jar opener).

Price: £14.95/ €19.95/ $19.95