We have a wide range of kitchen gadgets to help you to get a grip while cooking.

Automatic Bottle Opener

On a Friday evening, I love to sit down with a bottle of cider and relax into the weekend. If you struggle to open bottles, or even if you just like a good gadget, then this one is for you. Put the bottle opener on the top of the bottle and push down, this removes the cap – simple! It even has a handy magnet on the edge to stop the bottle cap disappearing off behind the bin!
Price: £9.95/ €10.95/ $12.95

Anti-Slip Strips

Sometimes we want a bit of extra grip around items, or maybe a bit of extra padding. This strip of silicon is anti-slip giving you a better grip on any item that you wrap it round. Unlike tape, it doesn’t leave a sticky residue and it can be unwrapped and re-wrapped as required. The tape sticks to itself. Great for disability life-hacks: why not add grip to your crutches, handles, pens, cutlery etc.

Price: £3.95/ €4.95/ $5.95

Children’s Cutlery Grips

We have been selling the adult version of these cutlery grips for a while and they have been popular with our customers as they allow you to use your own cutlery, feel comfortable and are dishwasher safe. They are, however, a bit chunky for children so we now have in stock these smaller cutlery grips for smaller hands. They can also be used with our mini size gripping aids.

Price: £14.95/ €20.95/ $24.95


Much as we all like to avoid the dreaded washing-up sometimes we have no choice! These washing up scourers are non-scratchy rings that fit around your hand meaning there is no need to have a firm grip to wash up. These are great for getting into muffin/cupcake trays as well as washing dishes. The ScrubRite rings come in two varieties, regular and heavy duty, and you get 8 in a pack.

Price: £14.95/ €20.95/ $24.95

5-in-1 Opener

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Price: £9.95/ €10.95/ $12.95



nimble-opening-baconThe Nimble is great for use in the kitchen. It has a tiny blade that is great for cutting all sorts of packaging in the kitchen. I use mine for opening the plastic covering on bacon, chicken, sandwich meat as well as opening rice or pasta packets. The Nimble fits onto your finger and the blade is so small that there is little risk of cutting yourself.

Price: £8.00/ €9.95/ $12.95

S’up Spoon

sup in use

The S’up Spoon is designed for those with shaky or weak hands enabling them to eat foods such as cereal or soup. The spoon has a hollow in the handle that you can tip the food back into once you have scooped it up. The spoon can then be brought to the mouth without spilling and tipped in.

Price: £12.50/ €16.95/ $19.95

All-purpose and Bread Knives

GP All purpose knife 3The all-purpose and bread knives are specially designed for those with wrist and hand function weakness. The right-angled handle means you can hold the knife without needing such a tight grip. The non-slip, large diameter handle results in less slipping or twisting helping you cut despite hand function issues.

Active Hands’ General Purpose gripping aids can be used with the knives to give you a safe and firm grip.

Price: £13.95/ €18.95/ $22.95

Jar and Bottle Openers and Anti-slip Coaster

tenura bottle opener pill

Opening jar and bottle tops can be tricky for those with hand function issues – many people resort to using teeth or getting other people to do it  for them. The jar opener, and the smaller bottle opener are silicone rubber cups that give a stickier grip on lids allowing you to independently open items. Just pop them on top of the item you wish to open, press down and twist.

Combine them with the anti-slip coaster and you can open jars one-handed. The anti-slip coaster is a silicone rubber circular mat that will stop items from sliding around while you move.

Price (jar opener): £4.95/ €6.95/ $8.95
Price (bottle opener): £3.95/ €4.95/ $6.95
Price (anti-slip coaster): £3.95/ €4.95/ $6.95

Cutlery Grips

Tenura cutlery grip eatIf you want to continue using your own cutlery but can’t grip the handles then these cutlery grips are for you. They fit on most utensils and can also be used for holding pens or toothbrushes. They are dishwasher safe for easy and hygienic cleaning.

Price: £14.95/ €20.95 /$24.95


sugru iphoneSugru is the incredible new self-setting rubber for fixing and improving your stuff, and making it work better for you. Out of the pack, Sugru feels like play dough, and it’s that easy to use too – it can be formed by hand or with simple tools. It bonds to almost anything and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight. Why not use it to add extra finger grips or feet to kitchen equipment to help steady bowls or hold equipment.

Price: £13.95/ €19.95/ $23.95



Push whisk

push whiskFroth milk, beat eggs, mix milkshakes or protein drinks with this push whisk. No need to hold the handle, pushing down on the top of the whisk makes the base rotate and whisk liquids.

Price: £7.95/ €11.95/ $11.95




One Touch Can Opener

can opener in useThis can opener takes all the hassle out of opening cans. Just place it on the top of a can, press the button to start it and press it again once the can has done it’s work. The can lid comes away with the can opener so you can dispose of it.

Price: £19.99/ €25.99/ $29.99




The Muggi, like the SpillNot is a drinks carrier. It may not have the same cool use of physics, but it does allow you to carry up to four drinks – or fewer drinks and some biscuits – from the kitchen to the sofa or your desk. Now there’s no excuse not to make your ‘other half’ a cuppa (and it might help distract them if you just ate the last slice of cake…).

Price: £14.95/ €19.95/ $24.95




Carrying drinks, particularly hot ones, from room to room can be really difficult if you struggle with mobility or grip.  The SpillNot, however, makes this far easier!  Having placed your mug, cup or small bowl on to its non-slip base, simply slide your hand through the fabric loop at the top.  You can then swing your SpillNot around as much as you like and thanks to the laws of physics, your drink will never spill.  So now you can carry your coffee from the kitchen to the sofa or back to your desk with no problems, or even deliver a cuppa to your ‘other half’ in the mornings and earn yourself extra brownie points!  The SpillNot also includes a non-slip coaster which can be removed and used to protect your table-tops (it also makes a handy jar opener).

Price: £14.95/ €19.95/ $19.95