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Topple Tray

Topple Tray


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For a while, we sold the Tipsi Tray but it didn’t work well for some of our customers so we have found a better solution with the Topple Tray. The Topple Tray is lighter and the handle and tray stay in place when placed on a lap (good news for wheelchair users).

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The swinging motion of the tray counteracts the sloshing or movement of items on the tray keeping them completely balanced.

The handle folds flat when not in use for easy storage. Lift the handle and slide the metal sleeve down to lock the handle in place. Lift the metal sleeve to collapse the handle (this is easier if you take the weight of the handle at the same time).

The tray comes with a non-slip mat.

Use the topple tray for carrying drinks and food one-handed. Great for those who walk with a stick, need to open doors, have one-hand or have had a stroke or have one-sided weakness. For those who use a wheelchair, it can be placed on your lap while you wheel around.

The topple tray is made of stainless steel. It weighs 720g.

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