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These Tap Turners fit over your kitchen or bathroom taps, giving you a large handle to use to turn them.

Taps can be difficult to turn if you have weak hand function, arthritis or a limb difference. These tap turners solve that problem by providing a large textured handle which is easy to push. This allows you to turn your tap on with ease, without the need for a firm grip.

The screw-in handle grips the tap with a soft non-slip lining on the inside, providing the extra leverage needed to turn them with ease.

They come in a pack of two: red for the hot tap and blue for the cold. The colour coding in red and blue enables those with impaired eyesight to quickly identify the correct tap.


Tap Turner Dimensions

Full length: 179mm (7inch)

Handle length: 90mm (3.5inch)

Height: 49mm (2inch)


Will the Tap Turners Fit my Taps?

They can be used on cross-head (capstan) and crystal type taps, with no tools required for installation. You may need someone else to attach the Tap Turners for you.

Cross Head (Capstan) Tap: 60mm (max) / 40mm (min)

Crystal Tap: 60mm (max) / 48mm (min)


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