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Fidlock Snap Buckle

Fidlock Snap Buckle


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The Fidlock Snap Buckle opens by sliding the front upwards over the back, making it easy to open for those with reduced hand function. It closes magnetically, with a ‘snap’, when you place the parts near to each other. The buckle is ideal for bag, bicycle helmet and any other 15mm strap and is ideal for those whose hand function makes traditional clips difficult to use.

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The Fidlock Snap buckle connects using a magnet to locate the two parts. This initiates a physical connection so your clip is safely and firmly connected. It has a static breaking load of 75 kg.

The buckle weighs 11.35g, is 28mm wide and 47mm long.

Most bicycle helmets have straps that can be undone to attach the buckle. Please ensure that your helmet has this functionality before making a purchase. If you are using these buckles for a bag strap then you may require one or both sides of the buckle to be sewn on.

When using a Fidlock Snap Buckle on a bicycle helmet, it is your responsibility to ensure that the buckle is correctly attached. Active Hands and Fidlock accept no responsibility for incorrectly fitted buckles. We do not recommend using these on motorcycle/motorsport helmets.

For other fastenings please see the Fidlock Magnetic Strip, Zubit Magnetic shoe closers and the MagZip self-starting zips.


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