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Cat Tongue Gaming Grips


Cat Tongue Gaming Grips

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In the final moments of the game, a solid grip on your controller ensures your win doesn’t slip away. That’s where these gaming grips come in!

Pre-cut for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, Cat Tongue Gaming Grips give you a non-slip grip on your controller. Don’t let reduced hand function result in dropping your controller at the wrong moment!

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The grips are pre-sized to fit your PlayStation and Xbox controllers right out of the package. Thin enough to maintain the integrity of your grip and the familiar, out-of-the-box feel of your controller. Gaming Grips give you a competitive edge that’s always grippy and never sticky.

Want to take winning to the next level? Once you apply your Grips to your controllers, use the leftover material to get a grip on other stuff, too. Some people call that leftover material a skeleton. We call it a smart solution. Just cut, peel, stick and smile, knowing a grippy life is a good life.

What is so Good About the Gaming Grips?

Non-abrasive – Gaming Grips won’t ever irritate your skin, snag your clothes, or scratch the furniture you place your controller on when you’re not using it.

Waterproof – If your hands sweat when you’re getting your game on, rest assured, your Gaming Grips can handle it.

Made with HDPE plastic – A soft & lightweight, flexible, super-strong, impact-resistant high-density polyethylene plastic whose grip is superior to rubber.

Eco-friendly – All CatTongue Grips products are 100% recyclable so they won’t contribute more waste to landfills.

Allergy-and-irritant-free – another advantage of this gription technology is that Cat Tongue Grips won’t irritate your skin or your hands when you touch it; as all Cat Tongue Grips products are latex-free.

Anti-microbial; Play with confidence knowing Gaming Grips are made with material that fights off bacteria, fungi and mold.

Play harder. And beat your best score. This is your moment!

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