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Active Hands Easy-Clip Apron

Active Hands Easy-Clip Apron


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This Active Hands apron comes with a magnetic clasp – no more messing around with awkward bows.

Working in the kitchen can be messy, so protect your clothes with this easy-clip apron.

How does the easy-clip apron work?

  1. Put the apron over your head.
  2. Bring the waist ties around your body, so that they meet at the front.
  3. Hold the two ends of the magnetic clasp near each other. They will attract each other and click into place.
  4. You can adjust the tightness by pulling on the remaining tie.
  5. To release, slide the 2 sides of the clasp in opposite directions. You can do this with the palms of both hands, or push the clasp against yourself and slide with one hand.
  6. Machine washable so once you’ve finished making a mess just pop it in the wash


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