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Disability Scissors

When you have reduced hand function, using scissors is difficult or even impossible. As everyone’s hand function is different, we offer two solutions for scissors: one that works in a more traditional manner that has a larger loop so you can use the strength of multiple fingers, and another that sits on your table and that you operate by pushing down on the large tabs.

Our mission is to help others enjoy more active and inclusive lives - by having access to a variety of activities that would not be possible without our products.

If you live outside of the US or Europe, continue in Pounds Sterling and you will be able to pay by debit card or credit card, regardless of the currency of your bank account.

Our prices are displayed without VAT (sales tax) because many of you benefit from an exemption from VAT for the disabled.

For customers in the UK, VAT will be added at checkout if you are not exempt. A small number of products are not exempt from VAT - see the description of each item.

Recipients of deliveries made outside the UK may have to pay import duty or formal customs entry. Any such charges are the responsibility of the recipient.