Which size should I get?


A = circumference of narrowest part of wrist

A: Wrist


[tr][td]Small:[/td] [td]120mm – 155mm[/td][td]4.7″-6.1″[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Standard:[/td] [td]135mm – 170mm[/td][td]5.3″-6.7″[/td][/tr]

[tr][td]Large:[/td] [td]150mm – 220mm[/td][td]5.9″-8.7″[/td][/tr]


(n.b. measurements are approximate)





Our wrist size guide will give you the best fit for your wrist but there is some overlap in the sizing. The hand straps do increase in length as the wrist size increases, so if you have a small hand part then you may wish to try a smaller size.

Will a Limb Difference Aid work for me?

To help you to decide if the Limb Difference aid is suitable for you here are some hand-types that can benefit from the aid:

If you have a wrist section like this the aid may work for you, as long as there is enough wrist to pull against:

If you have a hand like this you will probably find that our General Purpose gripping aid would work better for you: