sixth digit, finger stylus ring

Sixth Digit




Sixth Digit is a stylus ring that sits on your little finger and can be used to push buttons on many objects. The replaceable stylus tips can be used with touch-screens. It is ideal for those who cannot use individual fingers due to hand function problems. It allows one ‘finger’ – the 6th digit, to protrude further than the others (which is especially useful for those with fingers that are curled up or floppy) allowing the user to press keys on a keyboard, or buttons, without the other fingers pressing unwanted options.

A few examples of where you could use the Sixth Digit are:

  • Touch-screens
  • Keyboards
  • Microwaves
  • Remote controls

The Sixth Digits are so unobtrusive that you can wear them even when pushing your manual chair!

The package comes with two Sixth Digits (one for each hand), two spare tips and a leather storage bag.

See how you can use it in this short video:

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