Add this kit if you plan to cut your zip

Top Stop Kit


You’ve been asking for a solution for starting zips for a long time and we have found these amazing MagZips from ANKHGEAR.

The MagZip works by connecting magnetically when you put the two sides close to each other.

The MagZips are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit the item of clothing that you want to add them to. They can be cut to size to match your garment but you will need to buy a top stop kit if you are cutting the zip.

The zips are available in a selection of colours, black, white, grey and blue, to suit your favourite cardigan, coat or hoodie.

Zip lengths may vary slightly – length shown is the minimum.

If you are not able to add your own zip why not check out the ANKHGEAR hoodies also available in our webshop.


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