D-Ring aids


D-Rings are sold as a pair.


Durable and versatile



How they work

The D-Ring aids come as a pair – left and right hands. The wrist section is tightened using a strip of velcro with a ring on the end. Attached to this wrist section is a D-Ring which allows for attachment directly to the karibiner on gym equipment. You can download our instructions leaflet.

As a person with upper limb disability, including a lack of finger movement, I have found this product to be an essential part of my maintaining fitness at the gym whilst remaining independent. They can easily be hooked onto gym apparatus and then you don’t need to worry about struggling to grip whilst pulling in any direction. They’re so simple to use and so effective, I don’t know where I’d be without them!
Gareth Herridge

Which size should I buy?

Most adults find that our ‘Standard’ size fits them, however D-Ring aids are also available in ‘Large’. See the size guide tab above to find out which size is best for you.

Made of Strong Stuff

Active Hands aids are both kind to the skin and made to last. Built from tough webbing and comfortable but durable neoprene (wet suit material) they’re designed to withstand regular use, even for strenuous activities. All aids are machine washable.


サイズガイド Looped, D-Ring and Hook aids

A = 手首の一番細い手首回り

A: 手首
並み*: 大:
135mm – 185mm 180mm – 220mm
5.3″-7.2″ 7.1″-8.7″

(n.b. 測定は大体です)


弊社サイズでは不足な特別必要事項がございましたら、お客様に適する オーダーメイド品 エイドを製作できる可能性もあります。




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障害がどのように影響していますか? 何を握りたいですか? あなたに適切なエイドは?



ジム装具 General Purpose gripping aids
D-ring gripping aid
Looped exercise aid
Hook aids
Gym pack/Gym pack deluxe
日曜大工道具 General Purpose gripping aid
キッチン用具 General Purpose gripping aid
スポーツ装具:ローイング、カヤック他 General Purpose gripping aid
Looped Exercise aid
Hook aids
庭仕事道具 General Purpose gripping aid
改造スキーなどのウインタースポーツ装具 Winter Sports aid
小径物品:ペン、化粧品、歯ブラシ Small Item gripping aid
子供用改造三輪車/子供用歩行器 General Purpose Mini aid (for children under 5) or General Purpose gripping aid


ジム装具 Limb Difference gripping aid
D-ring gripping aid
Looped exercise aid
日曜大工道具 Limb Difference gripping aid
キッチン用具 Limb Difference gripping aid
スポーツ装具:ローイング、カヤック他 Limb Difference gripping aid
庭仕事道具 Limb Difference gripping aid



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