5-in-1ボトル、ジャー、缶切り。 適応キッチン機器。 手の機能の低下に適しています:四肢、四肢、脳性麻痺、SCI、脊髄損傷、脳卒中など。

5-in-1 Opener



Get into a wide range of items in the kitchen with this extremely versatile 5-in-1 opener.  With no need for good finger strength or function, it opens jars, bottles and cans with ease.  Soft-grip strips down the side ensure a comfortable and secure hold.

With the 5-in-1 opener, you can open:

  1.    Bottle caps: push the rubber section over the cap and lever open
  2.    Drinks/food cans: slide the ring-pull into a slot in the end and lift
  3.    Food cans:  hook the ring pull and lever against the lid to open
  4.    Bottles: a bottle opener for beer/cider bottles
  5.    Jars: use a lever to break the vacuum seal on jars, allowing for easy opening

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