Bra Buddy


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Great dexterity is needed to put on a bra and once one hand/arm is out of action due to stroke or a shoulder injury, it can be impossible. And yet, most of us would rather not have an assistant when putting on our underwear! Designed for those with use of only one hand, the Bra Buddy is the answer to one-handed bra fastening.

This tool takes the effort out of bra dressing completely, as it not only holds one end of the bra in-place, but it also brings the other end of the bra around the body enabling you to easily couple up the hooks and eyes.

This easy-to-use tool will make dressing a much simpler task. There is no longer a need to ask for help or buy adaptive bras. It gives ladies the independence that they deserve.

Some hand function is required on one hand to attach the bra to the tool. See the video above for a demonstration of the Bra Buddy in action.

*Please note that you can only purchase one of these per order for postage reasons. If you wish to buy more than one then either put through a second order or contact us.

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