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Gareth gioca a rugby su sedia a rotelle fin dal suo infortunio nel 2005 e ha giocato a fianco di Rob per diversi anni come parte dei The Bulls. Laureato in inglese, Gareth è appassionato della parola scritta e incanala le sue capacità di scrittura, oltre alle sue osservazioni sulla disabilità e sulla società, nel suo blog: Il Diario di uno Gimpy Kid.

Co-Existing With Covid

The New Norm…?  In my previous blog entry from April, which feels like a solid decade ago at this point, I confidently mused that by the time I got round to writing my next entry, all this Coronavirus nonsense would be “firmly in the rearview mirror”… …oh to be young and naive again!   Yes, I now find myself firmly at the stage where, with no miracle breakthrough on the horizon, rather than considering when we’ll get on top of this virus, I’m considering if we’ll get on top of it.  Life, although severely altered for the foreseeable future, must go on however, and last month saw…

Life In The Time Of Corona

Diary of a Gimpy Kid blog entry

It seems positively ironic that in my previous entry I’d spoken about how uncomfortable I felt accepting help off strangers, and now it’s illegal to be within 2 metres of any of them… The moral of the story is be careful what you wish for!!

Putting The “Aid” In Homemade

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Bedbaths & Beyond So here we are: 2019 and 14 years down the spinal cord injury line. Where does the time go?! It feels like only yesterday when I was lying helplessly in my bed in HDU, being rolled from side to side as the nurses bed bathed me and I wondered to myself why they always seemed to take so long washing my back (turns out they weren’t just washing my back)! Months later I would be discharged to my parents house, complete with the most rudimentary set of wheelchair skills, and just about able to wash and dress…

The Lent Experiment Part 2 – A Work In Progress

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Vital Statistics 2 (February 26th – 12 Days In) Weight: 8st 12lbs (56.25kg) Stomach Circumference: 36.5″ (92.7cm) General Feelings: If I have learnt one thing in the last 12 days, it is that sugar is apparently in everything! A routine trip to the supermarket on February 14th (I’m an old romantic I know) turned into an exasperating hunt for sugarless products outside of the pet food and bathroom aisles! From cereal to condiments, crisps to crackers, soup to sauces – take a look on the back and chances are you’ll find refined sugar slyly slotted in there somewhere! The list…

The Lent Experiment Part 1 – The Beginning

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Good News Everyone! Exciting little announcement before I get into the main thrust of this latest blog entry: Towards the end of last year I was contacted by one of the founders of the website Feedspot. He informed me that my blog had been selected as one of the Top 30 Quadriplegic Blogs on the internet and sent me this little award to display on my page! I did consider asking exactly how many quadriplegic blogs there were on the internet but quickly decided against it, preferring instead to remain in blissful ignorance, insulated inside my little ego boost bubble!…