Scrub Rites are great for washing up if you don't have hand function


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ScrubRite scrubbers are designed to reduce the strain on hands. The ring design means there is no need to grasp the scrubber, simply slide them onto your fingers or hand and get washing up or cleaning the bathroom.

The ScrubRite scrubbers come as a set of 8, containing 6 regular and 2 heavy duty scrubbers. The pack includes an assortment of colours – why not allocate different colours for different rooms; yellow in the kitchen, blue in the bathroom? The scrubbers are comfortable on your hand – even the heavy duty ones. Each scrubber has two surfaces, both of which can be use for cleaning.

The scrubbers are great for getting into the corners of muffin tins or trays as well as for using on flat surfaces. Because the ScrubRite fits over your hand less finger strength is required to get a good clean. Once you are done, slip the scrubber over your tap for more hygienic drying.

Each ScrubRite lasts for approximately 3 months. This pack could last you a whole year!

No more excuses not to wash the dishes!

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