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The Magloc is a unique, simple-to-use, one-handed connector designed to fit your dogs’ standard collars and leads. With the magnetic attraction, units connect automatically once the lead is offered to the collar unit. Strong clips inside the device lock into the collar unit to form a strong mechanical connection. No more buttons or trigger clips needed in order to connect: great for those with reduced hand function.

The MagLoc is designed for pets up to 40kg. You may need some assistance to fit the collar unit as this is a little bit fiddly, but once it is on you don’t have to remove it.

The MagLoc is easy to disconnect by pressing the sides – this doesn’t require much force or a precise grip.

The MagLoc has been designed as an easy release dog lead connector, and it works well for that, however, we can see many other uses for it:-

  • attach your keys to your belt
  • hang things up – like a bird feeder or hanging basket
  • attach your washing line

Why not let us know what you use yours for?

This video shows how to connect the MacLoc to your dog’s collar:

*Dog not included (seriously – how would we transport that in the post!)

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