Couverts pour aucune prise en main. Couteau, fourchette et cuillère. Équipement de cuisine adaptatif. Convient pour une fonction réduite de la main: tétra, quad, paralysie cérébrale, SCI, lésion de la moelle épinière, accident vasculaire cérébral et plus encore.

Cutlery with Loops


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This elegant cutlery has been designed to enable those with reduced hand function to dine with dignity. There is a loop on either side of the item of cutlery that can be adjusted to fit your finger and thumb. This allows you to get a firm hold while you eat.

The cutlery has been designed to look as elegant and similar to regular cutlery as possible.

Each utensil may be twisted to meet your specific grip and strength. A person with no grip has the ability to “hold” these utensils while eating with no assistance. The loops are very flexible so that they can be adjusted by an assistant to fit the individual’s hand size and condition.

The knife, fork and spoon set comes with free easy-open, washable pouch for taking your cutlery out to dinner with you. The pouch has a ring at either end of the zip and a loop to allow you to open it with reduced hand function. If you want to buy a pouch seperately you can get one here.

Instructions for adjusting the loops can be found here.

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