Préhenseurs pour couverts


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Introduisez vos couverts dans ces préhenseurs à gros manche en silicone. Lavables dans le lave-vaisselle.

These anti slip cutlery grips are a set of 2 grips designed to fit virtually any dining utensils, and a lot of other household items too, such as pencils, pens, toothbrushes and more.

The soft, silicone handle is large in size and textured to help enhance grip for the user. The large grip will help ease pressure on joints, allowing daily tasks to be performed without discomfort or pain.

The cutlery grips are fully washable and long lasting, perfect for use in domestic, care and clinical environments to help maintain an independent lifestyle.

This product is the cutlery grips only: the knife and fork are for illustrative purposes only and are not sold with this product.

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