Occupational Therapists

Active Hands gripping aids are a great tool for Occupational Therapists to offer to their patients. After a patient suffers an illness or injury that impacts their mobility they must begin the process of learning to live as independently as possible. Active Hands gripping aids were invented by Rob when he discovered the limitations of being at home and not being able to grip properly. He designed the gripping aids to give himself greater independence around the home doing DIY, cooking, gardening and getting out on his hand-bike.


Active Hands gripping aids hold the hand firmly in a gripping shape, enabling objects to be gripped tightly and safely. They are also comfortable due to the layer of neoprene padding. They can be used to hold items such as DIY and garden tools, adaptive kitchen equipment, gym equipment, home gym equipment such as door pulleys, outdoor equipment such as adaptive trikes, hand-bikes, oars, sit-skis.

We have also created a gripping aid for those with fingers or hand parts missing called the Limb Difference aid. This aid was designed due to customer demand for a product that better suited those without fingers as our General Purpose gripping aid was not working well for them. The Limb Difference aid has a double strap system allowing items to be held in the palm and secured in place with a second, over-the-hand, strap. They can be used by anyone who has enough of a wrist to keep the wrist strap in place.

For more information on how Active Hands gripping aids can be used around the home and garden, as well as for rehab and sports and leisure activities please click on the words in bold and you will be taken to the relevant sections.

“I use them for so many activities, from aiding in my training, competing, right through to my day to day tasks such as house work. They’re an essential part of my life and I wouldn’t be without them.”

Josie Pearson, Paralympic Gold Medalist