Active Hands’ products are suitable for a wide range of activities and can support those with a wide range of disabilities affecting the hand and arm.

Clicking on one of the images below will help you to find out lots more about how you can use your gripping aid. Although the sections are split into five areas feel free to take a look around all of them to give you more ideas on how you can increase your independence using Active Hands gripping products.

The Active Hands range of gripping aids has been specifically designed to suit the life you lead. If you require one of our regular gripping aids but with different measurements, upgraded components for lifting heavier weights or an adapted design we offer a bespoke service (additional cost involved).

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Découvrez le produit qui convient le mieux à vos besoins :

Si votre handicap ne figure pas dans la liste, sélectionnez « Tous » pour voir notre gamme complète de produits. Pour une recherche en fonction des activités, veuillez consulter la page ‘Boutique‘.

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De lésions médullaires
Accident vasculaire cérébral
Inégalités aux niveaux des membres
Paralysie cérébrale
Sclérose en plaques
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