In the Garden

Getting outside in the fresh air to tend to the garden is a pleasure for many. So when hand weakness means the ability to get a firm grip on tools is lost it can leave a huge gap in life for many people.

Active Hands General Purpose gripping aids or Limb Difference aids (for those missing fingers or parts of hands) can be used to get a firm grip on trowels, forks, fruit pickers and other tools to enable you to carry on tending to your plants. There are many specialist tools available that can be used with our aids to help you to be independent in the garden.

«I have found that the aid allows me to use a powered «weed whip».»
Dave Genik

The Two Fingered Gardener, Nikki Preston, reviewed our gripping aids and said this about them:

«It was as if I had two hands; for the first time ever I could have a garden tool in my left hand, which is just a short arm with no hand at all.»
Nikki Preston

Active Hands stock some right-angled garden equipment that can be used with our General Purpose or Limb Difference aids: a trowel, a cultivator and arm cuff that can be used with both tools for extra support. By keeping your hand and wrist at a natural angle they eliminate the strains and blisters that can be caused by conventional style garden tools.

This video shows Rob using a General Purpose gripping aid to pick pears in his garden.

Troy uses his gripping aid to drive and steer his ride on lawnmower. He also uses it to drive his UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle), racing through the mud with his non-disabled competitors. To find out more read this news story.