Play is such an important part of a child’s development – they learn many skills necessary for life through play. For children with disabilities that affect hand function it can be difficult to join in with activities due to lack of grip. Active Hands gripping aids gently pull your child’s hand into a gripping shape allowing them to take part in the same activities that their peers are enjoying.


Small general purpose aid used to hold a toy.

Children with hand function weakness can struggle to get a grip on toys or can accidentally let go of them when they haven’t finished playing with them. Active Hands’ gripping aids can help your child to keep a hold on those toys until they want to stop playing with them.

The gripping aids can be used to assist with children’s emotional development too. They can enable children to hold cuddly toys and can be used to help with holding hands.


The gripping aids can be used to hold instruments.

Shake a shaker, jingle some bells, bang a drum! Become part of the band when you can grip the handle of the shaker or bells, or hold the claves or beater.

Thank you so much for your help and assistance. This product is a life-saver for my daughter.

Wii Games and Pool Cues

Get a grip on a Wii controller.

The Nintendo Wii is still a popular gaming console. With more extensive body movement needed for the Wii than other consoles, issues of accessibility were always going to be different. The Active Hands General Purpose gripping aid can be used to hold a Wii controller –allowing you to join in with family fun.

The gripping aids can also be used to hold an e-pen or e-reader.

Our General Purpose aid can also be used to hold a pool or snooker cue, allowing older children, as well as adults, to play.