Strong Arm 2 fishing aid


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You loved the Strong Arm but sadly the designer of the original passed away a few years ago and stock is no longer available. We know how much many of you liked his original design, which Active Hands sold successfully for many years, and have been sad that it is no longer available. As we are aware there is still a big demand for a product to allow you to go fishing, we have designed a similar version, in it’s image, which we call the Strong Arm 2.  We hope that those of you who have been hoping to be able to purchase these will be happy that they are now available and you can get back to the water’s edge and carry on fishing.

The Strong Arm 2 is a versatile, hands-free fishing rod holder that gives you total rod control, without the need for grip.  The cuff fits securely around your arm, providing support. Simply slide the fishing rod into the cuff and you are ready to fish, knowing that the cuff has a secure hold of the rod.  The Strong-Arm enables a user with limited or no finger strength to hold a fishing rod in a good position and to cast off without the need to grip the rod at all.

The Strong Arm 2 is made from thick two-tone high quality leather with a buckle system that allows you to do the aid up by pulling on the straps and release it by pulling on the sides of the sleeve or lifting the buckles.

The Strong-Arm ensures a comfortable fit without restricting movement or effective action.  Designed primarily as a fishing aid, it can also be used to hold and use golf clubs.

The Strong-Arm can be used on either arm.

*fishing rod and arm not included!

We have tried to contact the previous Strong Arm manufacturing business by email, phone, website and social media but it has not been possible to get any contact with them. We would love to speak to them so if you have any contact details please let us know.