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Our General Purpose gripping aid is great for holding a saw but sometimes getting access to branches when you are in a wheelchair can be difficult: you end up leaning too far forwards in your chair – not great if your core is affected as you may fall out. That is where the pocket chain saw comes in handy.

The pocket chain saw is a chain with teeth set along it that allows you to cut in both directions. Holding the bright orange handles and pulling alternately cuts through branches. These are great for camping and bushcraft but also for use in your own garden where you might not be able to reach a branch because your chair doesn’t allow you to get close enough or a branch too high for you to reach. It also helps in areas where you can’t get a saw in such a dense undergrowth. You can add rope to the handles and throw the chainsaw over to cut down a high-to-reach branch.

If you struggle to hold the straps this product can be used with our General Purpose gripping aid.

If you are an outdoorsy type then take this chainsaw with you when you go camping, fishing or hiking  to remove any branches that are in your way or are needed for fires.

The pocket chainsaw comes with a handy pouch to store it in.

In the above video, Rob shows you how the pocket chainsaw can be used to cut down the stump of a dead bush in his garden. It’s a great feeling to defeat that gardening task!