Pencil Cases




These pencil cases are specifically designed for those with hand function issues. The loops at either end of the zip allow you to hold the end of the zip with one finger, while the long loop on the zip makes pulling the zip closed easy. The loop is also ideal for carrying the pencil case.

Although we call this a ‘pencil case’, it is great for storing a wide variety of items: such as tools for wheelchair maintenance, medicines, make-up, pens or any other small items. The pencil case has ‘get a grip’ printed on one side – not only does this pencil case help you to grip the zip, it reminds you to ‘get a grip’ on life too! The reverse side has the Active Hands logo on it (see second picture).

The pencil cases are made from neoprene and are available in 5 different colours: red, pink, blue, black or camouflage.

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