One-Handed Wash Brush


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This brush is ideal for washing up with one-hand. The suction cups stick to the edge of the sink, allowing you to use one hand to scrub pots, pans, glasses, mugs and dishes until they’re sparkling clean!

The wash brush is a particularly convenient shape for cleaning cups, glasses and mugs – no more awkward balancing acts as you try to clean the inside! The dual brush design means that by simply rotating the cup with your good hand it gets a good scrub inside and out.


Find how it works best for you. Suction the wash brush to the side or bottom of your sink.

Twist and you’re done. One quick rotation is all it takes!

Store with ease. Either leave your one-handed wash brush in the sink for quick use or store on any suitable surface. How about on the tiles above your sink?


Ideal for those with stroke, cerebral palsy, limb difference or any other disability affecting one side of the body.

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