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Physio/Physical Therapy can often be a dull thing to do, day-in day-out. Activities like moving pegs from one place to another or trying to pick up beads can quickly get boring. The Music Glove adds some fun to your physio routine!

The Music Glove is a hand therapy device that is clinically proven to improve hand function in 2 weeks. It works by motivating you to perform hundreds of therapeutic hand and finger exercises while playing an engaging musical game.

To use the device, you simply put the MusicGlove on your hand, plug it into your personal laptop or desktop, and press play. It works on both PC and Mac.

You are the musician in this game – as coloured dots float down the screen make the appropriate pinching movements to play the sound. When you press your fingers together the glove makes a connection and plays the note. Press the correct fingers together and you will soon be playing a melody! There are wide variety of well-known tunes to choose from.

Different levels allow you to work on specific combinations of fingers, allowing you to tailor you physiotherapy. There is a pad on the end of each finger and one on the side of the index finger so you can work on your pencil grip too. The software tracks your progress so you can see where improvements are being made and which movements you need to spend more time on.

This is not only a fun game, it has been proved* to improve the functionality of your hands. Patients have seen improvements in their ability to do everyday tasks, like doing up a button or opening a pill jar.

Who is the music glove suitable for?

The Music Glove has been designed to assist those recovering from a Stroke but it could also be used for those who are recently injured after a Spinal Cord Injury or by those with brain injury or nerve damage or other injury/illness. This product requires you to be able to touch at least one finger to your thumb. If you are unsure whether or not it would be useful to you then please seek advice from your health professional.

*medical paper on the benefits of the Music Glove can be found here.

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