Ayudas en bucle: equipo de gimnasio cuádruple, equipo de tetra gimnasio, gancho de muñeca en bucle. Equipo de gimnasio adaptativo. Adecuado para la función reducida de la mano: tetra, quad, parálisis cerebral, lesión de la médula espinal, accidente cerebrovascular y más.

Looped Exercise aids


Looped aids are sold as a pair.


Ideal para el gimnasio, las ayudas de ejercicio enlazadas tienen lazos fuertes que se pueden deslizar sobre las manijas de algunas máquinas de ejercicio, eje. ‘barras de ejercicio pull-down’ y las máquinas de remo. O si prefiere el aire libre es también un suplemento esencial para algunas bicis de mano. Las ayudas enlazadas ofrecen correas de muñeca acolchadas y ajustables para evitar rozaduras.

Designed for solo use, Looped exercise aids easily slide on and off your machine or handbike when not under tension, allowing complete individual independence and the ability to ‘let go’ during rest periods. With an improved design incorporating tougher loops, Looped exercise aids are even easier to slip on and off your equipment. Download our Looped aid instructions leaflet to see how to put the aids on.

I use the Looped aid when I row in my single (one-person boat), or when I use the erg (rowing machine). When rowing in my single, I have to hold an oar in each hand. With only a thumb and a crooked pinky finger, I cannot grip the oar and pull with full force: I tape the loop part of the gripping aid on the oar so that it doesn’t rotate, and attach the grip aid to my wrist. I can then pull as hard as I want.
Véronique Boucher

Looped exercise aids come in standard or large and are sold as a pair.

Active Hands aids are both kind to the skin and made to last. Built from tough webbing and comfortable but durable neoprene (wet suit material) they’re designed to withstand regular use, even for strenuous activities. All aids are machine washable.

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