Keywing en una llave que lo ayuda a abrir puertas con una función manual reducida




Use keys with ease with this keywing. If you have reduced hand function keys can be fiddly to turn. The Keywing gives you extra ‘wings’ to hold on to yet are still small enough to fit the keys in your bag or pocket.

This award winning design offers a simple solution to the problem of using Yale Keys which have a small surface area making them difficult to grip and turn.  The Keywing clips over the key to provide a much wider finger contact area which improves grip and leverage when turning.  Available in a range of 3 colours allowing the user to colour-code their keys and find the right one first time, every time.

The Keywing can be used with round and rectangle topped Yale keys.


Please note this product cannot be clipped to plastic topped keys or to Mortice lock keys (the old fashioned keys).




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