Children’s Cutlery Grips



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Specifically designed for little hands, these anti-slip children’s cutlery grips are a set of 2 grips designed to fit a wide variety of dining utensils, and a lot of other household items too, such as pencils, pens, toothbrushes and more. These smaller cutlery grips are great to use with our mini gripping aids.

The soft, silicone grips increase the size of handles, and with their added texture ensure enhanced grip and comfort for the user.

The cutlery grips are fully washable and long lasting, perfect for use in domestic, care and clinical environments to help develop an independent lifestyle.  They are available in red, blue and grey.

This product is the cutlery grips only: the knife and fork are for illustrative purposes only and are not sold with this product.

For adults or older children see our Cutlery Grips.

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