Nuestros clientes no son todos fanáticos de los gimnasios con ambiciones olímpicas, algunos son padres de niños que necesitan un poco de ayuda extra para agarrar – ¡y para eso estamos aquí! Aquí puedes leer todo sobre los desafíos y victorias de nuestra comunidad de menores de 18 años!

Finding your own way

Anne-Marie describes her 8 year old daughter with well-deserved pride and here at Active Hands we love reading about our customers’ inventiveness and determination.

Finding confidence and independence

Yemina is an active, fun and smart twelve year old from Canada who loves to read or hang out with friends.  She also has cerebral palsy which affects all of her movement and her level of independence.  Her mum, Shoshana, explains that Yemina’s cerebral palsy makes any activity involving movement a challenge, but particularly those involving hand control.  “She has a lot of extra movement through her arms and hands when she tries to use them.”  This extra movement means that pushing buttons, grasping items or maintaining a grip of them can be really challenging for Yemina. For years, Yemina…