A day in the life of a quad/tetra in lockdown

Eight weeks into lockdown here in the UK and life seems to be settling into a bit of a routine. In some ways, I have been trying to recreate things I’d normally be doing in the outside world using new technology… work, training, catching up with friends. At other times, I’ve been discovering the benefits of slowing down, staying in and taking up a new hobby or two (in amongst chasing after my two children, who are keeping things… interesting!). One thing I have rediscovered for certain is that having the right tools alongside me enables me to get on with life with much greater independence and, …read more

Diary of a Gimpy Kid blog entry

Life In The Time Of Corona

Apocalypse Now I’m not going to lie, a few months ago when we initially entered 2020, I didn’t expect my first blog entry of the new decade to be dealing with the apocalypse, but here we are. In fact, it seems positively ironic that in my previous entry I’d spoken about how uncomfortable I felt accepting help off strangers, and now it’s illegal to be within 2 metres of any of them…I guess the moral of the story is be careful what you wish for! Only a few months since the first case was reported in Wuhan, China, Covid-19 aka …read more

Hands of different skin tones all reaching into a circle

Looking After Your Mental Health in an Isolated World

We won’t pretend to be mental health experts, but we do have minds of our own and we’re feeling the pressure of the current situation too. We hope that the ideas in this article might go some way to helping you through this bizarre time. If you have any tips we’d love to hear them – let us know!   Connect… …any way that you can. Social distancing, self-isolation, lockdown… they’re scary-sounding words. BUT we’re lucky enough to live in a world full of alternative communication methods. Here are a few ideas: Video Calling. FaceTime, Skype, Zoom – there is …read more

Tess sitting her wheelchair outside

C6/7 Incomplete Tetra with Tracheostomy *Suspected* COVID-19 Journey

A big thank you to Tess for sharing her journey with *suspected* COVID-19 with us. Tess is a C6/7 Incomplete Tetra with Tracheostomy. We’re glad you’re feeling better. Over to Tess… I came into contact with someone who had just seen someone with a case of Covid-19 on 10/3/2020, and although this individual didn’t have any symptoms, I became symptomatic approximately 72 hours after this exposure. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be tested as luckily didn’t require hospital treatment, so this remains a *suspected*, not confirmed case. Despite this, I was told by healthcare professionals that it should be treated …read more

Are you in need of some extra day-to-day support?

In many countries of the world, people are now in complete ‘lockdown’, only able to leave their homes when completely essential. In addition, increasing numbers of people are needing to self-isolate for 14 days due to symptoms of coronavirus. As a result, it may be that those of us who rely on carers could find days when they cannot make it in to work. Whether you are facing this challenge, or simply finding that more time at home has made it clear just how frustrating some daily tasks can be, we have put together some of our best products to …read more

Gareth demonstrates a range of Theraband/resistance band exercise

Exercising At Home – A Self-Isolation Guide

We are living in unprecedented times. The entire world is on lockdown. Cinemas, pubs, restaurants, schools, gyms – all closed. And even if they were open, any person with a health related disability is being told to quarantine themselves at home for at least 12 weeks in a bid to stem the spread of COVID-19. The idea of spending 3 months kicking back at home may sound appealing to some, but to many people with disabilities; it can feel like a prison sentence. For us, doing things such as taking part in sports, going to the gym or even just …read more

Lightening the Load During Self-Isolation

It’s a strange time, isn’t it? From seemingly nowhere, we’re all learning a new vocabulary… coronavirus, social distancing, self-isolation. It’s a little unnerving. But community is often best when a crisis hits and all over the world we are seeing inspiring, heart-warming stories of kindness – big and small.   Our routines and habits may have to change for a while. We will have to stay home, find new ways to keep active and explore some new interests. But perhaps this is an opportunity to discover a new, life-long passion. If you are facing a period of self-isolation, struggling to keep …read more

Happy New You

The 2020 Vision

So here we are, 2020 – a new decade! But where are the hover chairs, the self-tying trainers, the robotic augmentations?! Hell, at this point I’d settle for some spasm medication that doesn’t leave me feeling like a partially deflated New Year’s Eve balloon! Yes, despite the many depictions of the futuristic society we’d all be living in by this point, it seems that some things never change and that there is only one real certainty as we start this new decade… It feels like this claim must be thrown about by a solid 75% of people whom, after having …read more

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

As we reach December lights are up, trees are trimmed and halls are decked. The craziness of Black Friday has passed and we begin to settle in for a family, friends and fun-filled Christmas season. As we open our advent calendars to a sweet treat each morning, and drive home surrounded by Christmas lights each evening, the Christmas Spirit is all around! Here at Active Hands we know it’s not all about what’s under the tree, it’s about the people and communities around it! That’s why, this December, we’re leading by example and sponsoring two local events, both for wonderful …read more

My Disability Inability To Accept Offers of Cordiality

An Aversion To Assistance Confession time: My name is Gareth and I am terrible at asking for help from strangers. I haven’t always been this way however, this little aversion being a definite mental side effect of my injury. I’m not sure what exactly it’s rooted in; whether it’s a combination of pig-headed pride and stubbornness, or whether it’s because I always used to be the person others would come to for help when it came to physical tasks and hate the thought that I’m now somehow less able than I was. Either way, for the last 14 years I’ve …read more