Angeln mit dem Alleskönner. Ideal auch für Küchen, Werkzeuge und Sportgeräte, wenn Sie keinen Griff haben.



Auswahl zurücksetzen


Der ‚Receive All‘ ist eine multifunktionale Greiflösung für Sportgeräte, Werkzeug, Gartengeräte, Angeln und Geräte des alltäglichen Gebrauchs zu Hause. Fixieren Sie mehrere Geräte auf einmal und wechseln Sie beliebig zwischen diesen hin- und her.

The Receive-All is a versatile gripping solution for sports equipment, DIY tools, gardening and around the home.

The Receive-All consists of an arm-brace which fits around your forearm with two velcro straps, each with a D-ring so you can simply slide your finger through and pull to secure.  The items you wish to grip are secured to an adapter using cable ties.  To hold the item, simply put on the arm brace and connect the adapter by hooking it onto the rear of the arm brace and secure using a lever mechanism at the front.

The design of the Receive-All means that items can be pre-fitted with an adapter.  You can then wear the arm brace and switch between items quickly and easily.

Typical uses of the Receive-All

  • DIY –  screwdrivers, paintbrushes
  • Gardening – trowels, cultivators
  • Kitchen – knives, spatulas, ladles, wooden spoons etc
  • Fishing – fishing rods, nets
  • Sports equipment – table tennis bats, softball bats, badminton racquets etc

Each Receive-All Kit contains

  • 1 arm brace
  • 2 adapters and cable ties
  • 1 neoprene pad for additional comfort

The kits are available in left or right-handed versions and additional adapters are sold in packs of two.

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