Bottle Opener


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Silikon-Kappen, die Ihnen einen festen Halt bieten zum Ӧffnen von Flaschen- und Glasdeckeln.

This silicone rubber bottle opener makes opening small containers easy for people with impairments to strength of grip. The bottle opener will allow you to achieve a comfortable grip on twist top bottle caps or other small containers, and will reduce the amount of effort required to twist them open.

The rubber bottle opener is made from a silicone rubber that is non-toxic and safe for using in home, office, care and institutional environments.

The silicone rubber bottle opener will help people who struggle with opening bottles.


  • Assists in opening twist top bottles and pill containers of all shapes and sizes.
  • Can also be used to provide extra grip and purchase on other items around the home or workplace.
  • Useful for people with arthritis or any condition that weakens hand grip.
  • Can be used in environments where a high hygiene standard needs to be maintained.

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