ANKHGEAR Hoodies with MagZip


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You’ve been asking us for years for a way to start a zip when you have reduced hand function so we are bringing you these hoodies from ANKHGEAR that have the MagZip.

When you have reduced hand function zips can be near impossible – you have to hold two small, fiddly sides and attempt to line them up adequately… and that’s before actually needing to thread the one side into the other! The MagZip on these ANKHGEAR hoodies is exactly what you need.

The bottom of the MagZip connects magnetically when you place the two sides near each other – you can even connect them with your hands in the pockets! You can do them up with one-hand too.

The ANKHGEAR hoodies are not just practical for those with reduced hand function, they look great and they’re excellent quality.

The hoodies come in kids and adult sizes. They are gender neutral and come in lightweight for the summer and heavyweight for when you want to be snuggly and warm.

These hoodies have the MagZip built into them but if you wish to fit a MagZip to a coat, cardigan or hoodie that you already own then you can also buy a MagZip individually.

Why not pair the Zip Grip to help with pulling the zip up, our zip grips come in a pack of 6 and can be left on your clothes at all times – even in the wash!

No more shivering while you hopelessly try to get that hoodie done up – the ANKHGEAR hoodie is what you have dreamed of.

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