Interessieren Sie sich dafür, wie unsere Produkte in der Reha und im täglichen Leben eingesetzt werden? Hier finden Sie alles, von der Genesung nach Schlaganfall und Rückenmarkverletzungen bis hin zu alltäglichen Aufgaben im Haushalt & Schlagzeug lernen!

Top 10 Summer LifeHacks

Drinks tray for unsteady hands or wheelchair users

Everyone loves a good life-hack. Here at Active Hands we’ve scoured through life-hacks for poor hand function and now we can proudly say we stock more than 25 of the best products we’ve come across (as well as our own wonderful gripping aids!). Back in December we shared with you our top 10 winter disability life-hack products, so 6-months later it must be time for a summer edition! So here, for you to muse over, are our top 10 summer life-hacks! #1 Automatic Bottle Opener – heading into summer, social occasions can be many and often. With this bottle opener…

The Great Active Hands Bake Off! (New product)

Nino filming for kitchen pack video!

Getting to grips with cooking can be really challenging with reduced hand function – it can be hard to feel independent when it comes to making meals or enjoying baking.  Earlier in the year, we set Nino, a quad/tetraplegic from Slovenia, the challenge of baking us something delicious, completely independently, using kitchen products from our website.  And we can’t stop watching the result! As Nino shows, with the right tools, the kitchen can become accessible and you can discover a passion for cooking.  All of the products Nino uses are available to buy on our shop page.  To help you get…

Reach for our latest product.

Reacher/ grabber for quadriplegics being used by woman in wheelchair to reach high shelf

Always on the lookout for new, well-designed and high-quality solutions for those with reduced hand function, we were especially excited when we came across our latest product. Reaching and picking up items from the floor, or up high, can be really tricky when you have reduced hand function, and potentially reduced balance or core strength too. How many times have you dropped keys, or coins, or needed to grab an item from the fridge, or a high shelf? It can be a real challenge and we know many people look for a reacher tool to assist them. However, these can…

Taking action

beautiful lady with hat

Oksana is the person behind Association Kondor – a website that aims to provide detailed information to assist disabled people in planning their travels.  We spoke with her about her own disability, rehabilitation and how her new outlook has led her to create her website. In 2013, after sustaining a rare kind of spinal cord injury resulting in tetraplegia, Oksana found herself facing a new world of disability; “My family and I found ourselves alone against the medical world; alone with our questioning and alone in the process of adapting to the constraints of everyday life.”  Passionate about dancing, she…

Finding your own way

Fiona smiling

Anne-Marie describes her 8 year old daughter with well-deserved pride and here at Active Hands we love reading about our customers’ inventiveness and determination.

New Limb Difference Gripping Aid Launches!

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Squirrelling away in our office and factory, our team have been busy designing, testing and refining a brand new gripping aid and we are thrilled to now be able to present it to you. Alongside our gripping aids, we also run a bespoke design service for those with very individual needs and it was through this service that we were contacted by Karen. Karen has limb difference that affects her fingers and hands and was looking for a gripping aid that would enable her to vary her gym routine by giving her access to a wider range of equipment. As…

Finding confidence and independence

limb difference aid - disabled hands , disability aids , aids for disabled hands , grip aids , gripping aids , hand mobility aids , assistive devices for hands , handicapped aids , hand aids , adaptive gym equipment , limb difference , missing fingers , deformed hands , deformed fingers

Yemina is an active, fun and smart twelve year old from Canada who loves to read or hang out with friends.  She also has cerebral palsy which affects all of her movement and her level of independence.  Her mum, Shoshana, explains that Yemina’s cerebral palsy makes any activity involving movement a challenge, but particularly those involving hand control.  “She has a lot of extra movement through her arms and hands when she tries to use them.”  This extra movement means that pushing buttons, grasping items or maintaining a grip of them can be really challenging for Yemina. For years, Yemina…

Rehabilitation….and beyond.

Brandon doing a chin up using General Purpose aid.

In 2012, Brandon Beack was an incredibly active and talented teenager.  In addition to showing real talent in music and dancing, Brandon was a highly aspirational gymnast, competing for Western Province in the South African championships.  His sights were firmly set on selection for the Junior Olympics and he was training for four hours, six days a week.                                                        However, a bad landing in training left Brandon with a complete Spinal Cord Injury at…

José R. Maldonado – Stroke, A Personal Testimonial

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In December 2002 José Maldonado, a dedicated husband and father of two, suffered a devastating intra-cerebral hemorrhage; a type of stroke caused by the sudden rupture of an artery within the brain.  Unfortunately, like many stroke survivors, he experienced loss of function in both his lower and upper extremities, meaning he needed to use a wheelchair, struggled with aphasia, facial paralysis, and was overwhelmed by outside stimulation such as ambient noise. However, he was determined not to give up on his life, and after seeing what a profound effect his stroke had on his entire family he tried to find ways in which he…