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Great for children to participate in outdoor activities.

…and bikes.

Active Hands Mini aids or small General Purpose aids are a must for your school. They give children with weak hand function a firm grip on items, allowing them to both gain independence and improve gross and fine motor skills on their weak side (should they have one). The gripping aids hold the child’s hand into a gripping shape, then objects may be placed in the hand and the aid done up firmly to give a safe hold on items.

There are many uses for our gripping aids that are applicable in a school setting. They can be used for holding on to walkers and adaptive trikes; for holding toys and instruments; for using gardening equipment and tools; for sports equipment; and for using electronic pens such as the Leap Frog Reader Pen.

The gripping aids are suitable for children with a variety of disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Neurological injuries that affect hand function or control, dystonia and any other disabilities that affect hand function. We also have a Limb Difference aid for those with fingers or parts of hands missing.

Please see our children’s section for more ideas.

„Your active hands have enabled some of the children and adults we work with to have an „I can“ attitude about being so independent! We can’t thank you and your company enough for your generosity. Someone asked me just the other day what the difference was if a child was doing an activity assisted by hand over hand or by using Active Hands. The assistance that active hands offers is the freedom to DO IT BY MYSELF!!“

Sandra, Personal Ponies charity