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Rolling On To Rio: Joanna Butterfield

Jo Butterfield

With the Olympics now wrapped up and the Paralympics about to explode into action, excitement around the globe is spreading as the eyes of the world once again turn to Rio. After an initial slow start to ticket sales, a sudden surge has meant that over a million have now been acquired by eager spectators and many events are sold out; ensuring there will be a lively, spirited atmosphere to hopefully rival that of London four years ago. I took this as an ideal opportunity to focus on a few of the Active Hands users who will be among the…

In The Beginning Was The Word, and The Word Was God-Dammit-I’ve-Broken-My-Neck!

Diary of a Gimpy Kid logo

Hello, I’m Gareth and this is my shambolic attempt at a blog all to do with my life as a disabled or ‘differently abled’ person! I’ve never actually understood people who use that expression, “I’m not disabled, I’m differently abled!” Are you? Really? Surely if you were ‘differently abled’ then instead of walking you’d be able to fly or teleport, something that a regular person couldn’t do. (Disclaimer: If it so happens that you can do one of these things in place of walking then I will be the first person to apologise, acknowledge you as ‘differently abled’ and then…