Welcome to Gareth’s always amusing and occasionally irreverent disability blog.

Gareth has been playing wheelchair rugby ever since his injury in 2005 and played alongside Rob for several years as part of The Bulls. An English graduate, Gareth is fond of the written word and channels his writing skills, alongside his observations of disability and society, into his blog: The Diary of a Gimpy Kid.

The Lent Experiment Part 2 – A Work In Progress

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Vital Statistics 2 (February 26th – 12 Days In) Weight: 8st 12lbs (56.25kg) Stomach Circumference: 36.5″ (92.7cm) General Feelings: If I have learnt one thing in the last 12 days, it is that sugar is apparently in everything! A routine trip to the supermarket on February 14th (I’m an old romantic I know) turned into an exasperating hunt for sugarless products outside of the pet food and bathroom aisles! From cereal to condiments, crisps to crackers, soup to sauces – take a look on the back and chances are you’ll find refined sugar slyly slotted in there somewhere! The list…

The Lent Experiment Part 1 – The Beginning

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Good News Everyone! Exciting little announcement before I get into the main thrust of this latest blog entry: Towards the end of last year I was contacted by one of the founders of the website Feedspot. He informed me that my blog had been selected as one of the Top 30 Quadriplegic Blogs on the internet and sent me this little award to display on my page! I did consider asking exactly how many quadriplegic blogs there were on the internet but quickly decided against it, preferring instead to remain in blissful ignorance, insulated inside my little ego boost bubble!…

The Disability Invisibility (Part 2)

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*I had aimed for this to follow up Part 1 within a month, however moving house, writing off my car and being without a computer for nearly 4 weeks has led to some unforeseen delays for which I can only apologise! But without further ado, it’s time for Part 2! From Bathrooms To Bays In my previous blog entry I wrote all about disabled bathrooms, the new signs that were beginning to appear outside them, and the positive and negative effects these could have on disabled users. Some of the feedback I received on the entry was from people who…

The Disability Invisibility (Part 1)

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Post Easter Intro Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great Easter and celebrated Jesus’ resurrection in the most appropriate way possible – by ploughing through a mountain of hollowed-out, chocolate eggs that were delivered by an omnipotent rabbit! I gave up chocolate for lent this year, but like a recovering addict who’s fallen off the wagon, I’ve been hitting it pretty hard since Easter Sunday. I’m determined however to battle through the palpitations and fluctuating energy levels to get this entry written before I pack everything up, move house and then inevitably spend the next 6-12 months staring at…

In The Beginning Was The Word, and The Word Was God-Dammit-I’ve-Broken-My-Neck!

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Hello, I’m Gareth and this is my shambolic attempt at a blog all to do with my life as a disabled or ‘differently abled’ person! I’ve never actually understood people who use that expression, “I’m not disabled, I’m differently abled!” Are you? Really? Surely if you were ‘differently abled’ then instead of walking you’d be able to fly or teleport, something that a regular person couldn’t do. (Disclaimer: If it so happens that you can do one of these things in place of walking then I will be the first person to apologise, acknowledge you as ‘differently abled’ and then…