Active Hands Gripping Aids: Size Guide

Use this size guide to find out which Active Hands gripping aid will best fit your hand and wrist.


A = circumference of narrowest part of wrist

B = length from crease line (where hand joins wrist) to tip of middle finger

A: Wrist

Mini:120mm – 140mm4.7″-5.5″
Small:135mm – 150mm5.3″-5.9″
Standard:145mm – 185mm5.7″-7.2″
Large:180mm – 220mm7.1″-8.7″

B: Wrist to Middle Finger
Mini:120mm – 140mm4.7″-5.5″
Small:135mm – 175mm5.3″-6.9″
Standard:175mm – 210mm6.8″-8.3″
Large:195mm – 280mm7.7″-11.0″

(n.b. measurements are approximate)

Rough size guide by age:

Mini:Children up to age 5
Small:Over 5s and petite adults
Large:those with larger hands

Our gripping aids sizes.

If you have specific requirements which are not met by any of our sizes, we may be able to manufacture a bespoke aid to suit your needs.